Gideon Wolf

Gideon WolfMy wife Donna and I live in the beautiful Boulder River Valley, south of the small community of Big Timber, Montana.

Around 2002 I was searching for something to keep me busy in my retirement years.  Orvin and Sigrid Fjare were family friends, and I was always fascinated with the miniature furniture Orvin created.  Orvin agreed to pass on his miniature knowledge to me.  I found that I enjoy creating miniatures very much.

After about a year I purchased my own tools and set up a small shop.  I continued to work with and help Orvin until his miniature career came to an end.  I have been creating miniatures on my own since 2008.  I continue to make Orvin’s signature piece, the Wooton Cabinet Secretary, other Wooton reproductions, and a variety of other furniture.

Please feel free to contact me with questions about miniature furniture or the work I do!

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